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School Locker Must Haves

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Adeline is starting Middle School!! She has been super scared and nervous about going into 6th grade. I've been trying to make her feel less worried and feel more prepared.

School shopping was one of my favorite things to do growing up and I can finally do it with them (usually my kids like it when I pick out their things).

The best part about going into 6th grade for Addy this year is getting a locker!!!

We wanted to create a cute, fun and organized space for her things at school!

In this post, you'll find essentials that make for a great personalized space to keep all those bulky school supplies. Also, things she might need for emergencies!

When it comes to choosing from the vast selection of locker accessories, there is an overwhelming amount of options. Fret not! I've narrowed it down for you so you don't have to search endlessly ;)

The first and most important part of keeping the locker organized is having shelves! This type of shelf is perfect for stacking and storing textbooks, notebooks, and folders underneath keeping space optimized in the locker. It's lightweight and easy to assemble, so there's no need to purchase that $95 Expert Assembly package Amazon offers~ LOL

Along with more organizational essentials, locker cups keep smaller supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, and erasers easily accessible. Addy can also put in lip gloss, stain remover pen. and a lint roller. These cups can be placed wherever they work best along the locker walls without the hassle of unreliable sticky residue (yay for magnetic backings), and they come in three colors: black, blush pink, and grey—who doesn't love options?

Next up: whiteboards! The perfect way to write reminders and notes, and this whiteboard kit includes a mirror (gotta look sharp!), small magnets, a whiteboard marker/eraser, and a magnetic storage container for small supplies. The framing on both the mirror and whiteboard are stand-out from the ordinary, adding a nice touch of gold and color to the locker space too! Simple but still unique, this alternate framed whiteboard kit has matching accessories to boot with color options as well! For something a little more flashy, a cute light up whiteboard is a great addition with four color options.

There's no better way to hang up items like lunch bags and backpacks (believe it or not, some schools don't allow backpacks to be carried around) than with hooks! These black magnetic hooks take the weight off dragging everything around, holding up to 25 lbs and come in a plentiful pack of six. They are great for hanging up jackets for the colder months. I am also linking a cosmetic bag below with a hanger on it, she can use it to put in deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, her Invisalign case, sanitizer...really anything and it's conveniently accessible.

Some precautionary accessories are important to include in the locker for the occasional necessities. A small first aid kit is great for having around just in case a small booboo happens during the day. Not to mention, it's super cute! Deodorant sticks are a great backup for those extra hot days and working hard in P.E. (we've all been there). Lint rollers are also a nice-to-have item when pet hair and lint are extra obvious on that on point outfit. These mini rollers also come in fun colors! To keep all of tis organized, this toiletry bag hangs easily on magnetic hooks, making it accessible to store anything to grab on the go!

Now for some cute and fun stuff—magnets and accessories! There are so many options to liven up and personalize that locker interior, and magnets are the perfect accessory to make it happen. Magnetic frames add photos and fond memories surrounded by colorful borders—a wonderful reminder of people and places who are special in your life. Cute succulent magnets create a space that looks so adorable, and you can never go wrong with your favorite memes, quotes, and characters in the form of magnets!

There are plenty of bundles out there too, and you can find a bunch in my Amazon shop if you need more ideas and options. Happy decorating! Happy back to school year!

You can find the full list here:

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