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Sulhee Jessica Woo

Originally from LA’s Koreatown but native to Las Vegas, a 36-year-old mother of three darling girls, Jessica Woo, has recently seen massive success as a viral lifestyle content creator. After going full time as a content creator/online personality in 2020, she has packed on over 6 million followers across all her platforms eagerly watching and sharing her cooking and lunch videos mixed in with DIY, family fun, beauty, and lifestyle clips.


As a young girl, Jessica’s dream was to become a fashion designer and loved accessorizing and making her and her friends’ couture cute and complete. As she matured, so did her creative instinct and eye for aesthetics developed when she spent her time as a makeup artist, emphasizing lines, accentuating features, blending colors, and contrasting shades for over 15 years. 


“Art runs in my family. I’ve always loved drawing and painting, so naturally, it tied into doing makeup. My canvas is now on faces and bodies. I see and appreciate the beauty in everything.”


In her professional career, Jessica was working in luxury retail while pursuing a degree in Journalism and Media studies with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations. Working in the luxury retail industry helped further develop her eye for putting things together in a visually appealing way, and credits this experience as a part of her foundation in creating aesthetically pleasing lifestyle content.


With creativity being an undeniable driving force in her nature, Jessica moved her focus into marketing, finding unique ways to communicate with her audience as she worked her way up to Marketing Director; so naturally, keeping up with social media trends comes as second nature.  As a mother, Jessica strives to be involved and interested in everything her kids doing, and with her two oldest girls, ages 11 and 9, asking to make TikTok videos, it comes as no surprise that this creative mom jumped in front of the camera with her girls and put her skills to good use! You’ll frequently catch her eager 4-year-old participating in the skits, or just being adorable in front of the camera adding to the magic.


Jessica currently resides in Las Vegas and owns two small businesses: Booshkababe, a digital art studio where she creates digital “watercolor” portraits of people, which started off as drawing cute portraits of babies and evolved into other things, such as wedding invites, logos and signs; and Love Juliet - handmade accessories and cute girly products such as hair clips, keychains, necklaces, bracelets, scrunchies and more.


This super mom lives with her three daughters, Adeline 11, Maxine 9, Olive 4, and her two chihuahua mix puppies named Darla & Butter, and her boyfriend, David. She and her family’s love of food & dining also inspire many of her clips, with a self-proclaimed love of eating and incorporating healthy ethnic dishes, simplified and styled-up for a not-so-average lunchbox making those simple meals into the envy of the cafeteria… and the internet! 


When asked about how the popularity of her content makes her feel, Jessica says, “The best part of going viral is all the sweet messages I receive. From moms being inspired by me, teenagers dealing with eating disorders, people who are dealing with anxiety... saying that my videos have calmed them and helped in some way, or how they have brought fond memories of parents doing cute things for them when they were little. It’s been very humbling and a bit overwhelming at times, but it feels amazing.”


Jessica’s first TikTok went viral in February of 2020, currently with over 21 million views:


“It was my first lunch video, it was salami and cheese sticks. The experience was very exciting and, at the same time, seemed so surreal. I’m thrilled that people are so excited over something so simple to me, and they appreciate the effort that goes into making a child feel special”


Jessica is a shining example of the power of creativity and the obvious adoration of her children can make hearts melt and inspire millions with wholesome videos surrounding fun, food, and family. 

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