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Bilo Bilo (Filipino Dessert)


3/4 Cup tapioca pearls sago sago

1/2 cup shredded jackfruit

1 cup sweet potatoes cubed

1 cup cassava root cubed

1 cup water

2 -13.5 fl oz coconut milk

2 pandan leaves

1/2 cup sugar

Rice balls

1 cup glutinous rice flour

1/4 cup water

Ube flavoring 2 drops


  1. In a mixing bowl, add glutinous rice flour. Mix in water slowly and add in 2/3 drops of ube flavoring. Roll rice ball dough into half inch balls to make your rice balls.

  2. Make your tapioca pearls. In a pot bring water to a 4 cups water to a boil and add in 1/2 cup tapioca pearls. Cook covered until pearls float about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

For the dessert:

  1. In another pot, bring 1 cup water and 2 cans of coconut milk to a boil. Add in pandan leaves to add in flavor.

  2. Turn heat to medium high. Add in glutinous rice balls. Add in sweet potatoes, cassava root, and the jackfruit. Add in your sugar here too :)

  3. Cook until the sweet potatoes and the cassava root is fork tender. About 30 minutes. Add tapioca pearls and cook for another 5 minutes.

  4. Remove the pandan leaves and enjoy!!

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